Here’s the workout as designed:
x10 Front Squats, x10 Chin-Ups, x10 Powerups, x10 SHELCS.

*Remember that this is a “countdown” workout which means you will reduce the number of reps you complete each round until time runs out or until you complete the final round of one rep. For this particular workout, you will start with 10 reps and reduce your reps by 1 each round. This means you will need to complete 10 total rounds or work until your time is up, whichever happens first.

1. If you can’t finish the set of an exercise, do an easier version or drop the weight
2. Strive to work as fast as possible, resting as little as possible while still maintaining perfect form
3. Beginners: Work for 30 minutes, rest whenever you need to, either between exercises or circuits
4. Advanced: Work for 15 minutes, working as intensely as possible with the goal of taking no extended rest periods
5. If you don’t know if you are advanced or a beginner, you are a beginner . . .
6. The above exercises and rep schemes are a suggestion, feel free to change the exercises, reps or order to suit your fitness level, available equipment or motivation level
7. To progress these workout, use more advanced variations, go heavier or go faster (never “longer”)
8. Strength Goals: Go heavier with fewer reps; Conditioning Goals: Go lighter with more reps

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